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Ode to Weekends Away

I love vacation…or more accurately, I love travel.  Just getting up and going.  This could be as simple as a day away or as complicated as a multi continent weeks to month long itinerary.  I get excited for either one.  

This weekend was one of those times to get away.  With an extra day off school and the possibility of a double red eye flight, Bangkok was my home away from home this past weekend.  The weather was hot and rainy but just being in a different place, a different environment was a great break from what has already been a busy school year.

This was my first trip to Thailand but I do not think it will be my last.  The food was incredible, the massages were great and cheap and I barely scratched the surface of the tourist sites.  There were of course downsides, I am not a fan of hot and sticky weather and Bangkok’s traffic makes Beijing’s traffic situation look almost non-existent.  There were also times when we felt like we were being cheated but this is all part of the experience of exploring someplace new.

The travel schedule I have been able to keep has led to somewhat unrealistic expectations of continuous travel but it also makes me desire this even more.  Hopefully it can be sustained, but for now I have a big trip to look forward to in just more than two weeks!

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