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One week until…

Over the last year I have had the chance to travel a ton.  This travel, along with some other methods, has allowed me to rack up a large stack of frequent flyer miles and hotel points.  While my balances are still pretty healthy, I cashed in a large chunk of miles for my trip that leaves in a week.

Here in China, we have the first week of October off to celebrate China’s National Day.  It is a great time for a short break from school, enough time to get away and relax after what has been a pretty hectic beginning of the school year.  While the weather is usually quite good in Beijing, I am taking this week to get away to a place I have always wanted to visit, South Africa.

I am spending most of my time in Cape Town, visiting wineries, seeing the coast and hopefully having some great weather to take pictures in.  Before Cape Town though, I am going to Kruger National Park for a luxury safari.  This is something that I have been dreaming about since I was a very young child and cannot wait to experience.

In addition to these two fantastic sights, the travel itself is what I am really looking forward to.  I used my points and miles to have a luxurious vacation at a very low cost.  I am flying a combination of business class and first class on Air China, South African Airlines and Thai Airways and might be as excited about this part of the trip as anything else.  In addition to taking these very long flights in style, I am also staying at the Westin in Cape Town on points.  Outside of the safari, hotels and flights are only costing me about $400, a bargain for a trip of this magnitude.

I cannot wait for this experience and the chance to share my stories, memories and photos of this place.

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