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Pan Am Review

While living in China I have become accustomed to missing out on a lot of TV from the U.S. until it gets really popular and word (and unauthorized DVD’s) filter back this way.  There is, however, that occasional show that either matches my interests or gets so much hype that I go out of my way to watch it soon after episodes are on in the U.S..  Both of these things occurred recently with Pan Am, a show partly about espionage, but mostly about travel in a different time.

I found the first episode to be, disappointing.  I am not sure what I expected but it just did not fully capture me.  I feel it is banking a lot on the 1960’s popularity sparked by Mad Men, a truly great series.  The show took me back to a later time and certainly made me jealous of the leg room and service in airplanes at that time, but it did not suck me in.

I am willing to give it a few more chances before I dismiss it completely.  I would really like the producers to pursue the espionage angle more.  I think that scene after scene in an airplane will become as boring as trans-continental flights are.  You just want something to happen but mostly you just want to get there already.  For this reason I think this is the route the show will take, becoming a spy series that just happens to be set in the 1960’s and features attractive Pan Am stewardesses.

The 45 minutes of the premier has already made me long for more service, more leg room, less TSA intrusion on privacy and a general return to a time when travel was a rarity and a luxury for almost all, not a frequent necessity that it has become..  While I feel very lucky to travel as much as I do the cramped quarters, reluctant service and herd mentality are all something that I could do without. I still find myself at times wondering if the time spent on planes is worth it.  I am pleased to say that the answer is still a definitive yes.

  1. September 28, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Oh, I liked it! I think I expected it to be just a “Mad Men in the sky” kind of thing but I wasn’t expecting the espionage aspect which makes it a bit more interesting. We’ll see, it’s set to record on our DVR so I’ll be watching!

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