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Going on Safari was the realization of a life dream.  I was able to see so many animals in their wild habitats.  The experience of seeing a lion or a giraffe in the wild is something so much more awe inspiring than seeing these same animals in a zoo.

While I will be posting my photos of my game drives starting over the weekend, I am posting two videos today that I shot.  The first is of a lion that we followed for quite w file.  Towards the end of the day he roared a few times.  The sound was magnificent and filled the night.  I caught just the tail end of it, showing off just a small part of the spectacle.  The second video shows two giraffes fighting.  Giraffe’s fight by swinging their heads at each other.  This makes so much blood rush to their heads that it is a very slow process.  They have to wait for the blood to flow back up their necks before they continue, making the fights seem like they are being shown in slow motion.  The time between attacks makes the fight seem almost majestic.  Enjoy!

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