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Prompt #16 – Baggage, my fourth entry for the 30 days of Indie Travel.

I am horrible at packing, simply horrible.  On my recent trip back from South Africa, I lost a lot of good wine when three bottles broke in my checked baggage.  Fortunately it was white wine so outside of some soggy books, nothing else was ruined.  I thought I had done a good job padding all of the bottles, but on each layover I was greeted with the news that another bottle had broken.  In addition to needing more practice packing safely, I also tend to take WAY too much stuff when I travel.  I pack everything I might possibly need and every electronic device I have to enhance travel from an iPad, my laptop, my camera and of course noise canceling headphones.  I am working on taking less when I travel but still have a long way to go.  With Star Alliance Gold status, I no longer need to watch the weight of my checked bags as much as I used to, making it easier for me to take a ton of stuff with me.  In short, I take way too much baggage with me.  Fortunately, it is physical baggage instead of mental baggage.  Travel is a time for me to relax, even when on the move.  My time is almost always spent doing something I have chose to do, allowing me to really sit back and get as much out of a place as I can.  I will always prefer physical baggage to mental baggage, even when dragging my heavy, leaking suitcases through the airport.

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