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Prompt #17: PASSION, my fifth entry in the 30 Days of Indie Travel

It’s easy to be passionate about travel, but does that passion permeate the rest of your life? Do you live and work with passion? Why or why not?

Many of the travel bloggers I read have left the “normal” life of work and gone on the road more or less full time. Supplementing their life on the road with earning from websites, design projects, writing or other “location independent” work, they are able to travel more or less full time. There are times when I feel jealous of this lifestyle, wishing I could spend more time on the road, more time in places I love and free to move when I want instead of just when I have time off of work. That said, I feel very fortunate that I have found a job that allows me to follow my passion of travel as much as I do, while at the same time being something I am passionate about. I LOVE my job. I get to work with some awesome kids, teaching them something that I really enjoy doing. Swimming has taken me all over the world. From a start in a summer league, I am now teaching and coaching swimming half way around the world. Before I came to China I was able to coach across the U.S., interact with some amazing people and really look forward to my jobs more days than I didn’t.

There are times when inevitably, life at home is boring. When we travel it is something different from our everyday life and thus easy to be passionate about. The fact that I am bored some of the time, that I would rather sit on the couch watching a movie rather than experience Beijing does not mean I am not passionate about my life here. I love my job, I am doing something I am passionate about and I get to travel. How much better can life be.

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