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Finding Myself

Prompt #21: LOVE AFFAIR, my ninth entry for the 30 Days of Indie Travel

When we travel, our senses are heightened. We feel more alive and we’re more free to do things we might not at home. We can be who we want. There’s an air of urgency to everything we do – we know our time here, in this place, and with these people, is limited. If we want to do something, we have to do it now. It’s no wonder then that many travelers have relationships on the road. Tell us about a “special someone” you met while traveling.

Not to be boring, but there have not been any on-the-road relationships in my past.  I have however, come to terms with myself while traveling.  Traveling removes the daily patterns that we so easily fall into in our life.  At home, we eat at more or less the same places, watch the same TV shows, spend our time online or running errands, things that  follow a predictable, usual pattern.  On the road, you throw all of these things to the wind.  Hopefully you are trying new things to eat, visiting places that you would not normally come across and even perhaps trying activities that are scary.   Through taking risks when traveling, I have discovered a lot of stuff that I actually kind of like.

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